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Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

The bottle shrink wrapping machine made by Vinayak Packaging is a type of packaging machine used to wrap bottles in a safe plastic film that is then heated up causing the plastic film to shrink and securely adhere to the curve of the bottle. The bottles stay safe during transit and storage thanks to this skills, which also improves the appearance of the bottles on store shelves. We make automatic liquid filling equipment either in India and Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Whenever bottles are to be packaged securely and beautifully for delivery and retail purposes, such as in the drinks, food, medicine, and cosmetic sectors, bottle shrink wrapped machines are usually utilised. To meet varied production needs, they can be found in a variety of configurations, including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic, with varying speed, capabilities, and functions. To maintain a healthy and efficient operation, appropriate training and safety procedures should always be maintained when using a bottle shrink wrapping machine.

The basic operation of a bottle shrink wrapping machine typically involves the following steps:

  1. Bottle loading: The shrink wrapping machine takes the bottles in an orderly fashion once they have been placed onto a belt or an infeed system. Depending on the set up and capabilities of the device, this can either be done personally or automatically.
  2. Film feeding: The machine accepts an unfolded roll of shrink film. For use with differed bottle sizes and shapes, the film is typically made of polyethylene or polyolefin and comes in a range of thickness and widths.
  3. Film cutting and sealing: A bottom label for the bottle packing is made by cut the film to the required length or seal it with hot seal parts or a sealing bar.
  4. Bottle wrapping: The sheet of film is then tightly encircled around the bottles before it goes through. One piece of film is rolled and sealed around the bottles by some machines, while others employ a glove-type method where the film is shaped into a tube over the bottles.
  5. Heat shrinking: The hot stuff shrinks and fits securely to the shape of the coated bottle as they go through a heat trap or oven. It ends up in a tightly sealed package.
  6. Cooling and trimming: The packages can move through a cooling area after the film has begun to shrink for the film to set and cool. Cutting can also be used to get rid of surplus film and leave a clean, finished product.
  7. Bottle unloading: The bottles are then either manually or manually out of the machine after their wrapping and icy, ready for process or shipping.