Low Table Strapping Machine

We are an eminent name in the several industries which required packaging machineries as a versatile box packaging machinery provider. Our low table strapping machine is one of them that we have made by considering the industries dealing with a large sized product packaging with the objective to provide an economical and effective solution to their packaging related problems. Our low table strapping machine or say the table top strapping machine is appropriate for heavy or large sized products to strap with the PET straps.

There are several benefits of low table strapping machine that we have focused to deliver to the industries which are engaged with large sized product manufacturing and packaging, some of them are low table top greatly reduces the unmanned demand and time spend on lifting bulky and heavy packages as well as the low table top design is ideal to merge with a conveyor system to make it absolutely automatic. As it is the fully automatic the whole operation of dispensing, tightness and strap sealing is automatic.


  • Automatic power off
  • Adjustable strap tension
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Easy to operate


Along with a specialization in strapping machine, we as manufacturer, supplier and exporter render an inclusive support and service associated with Low table strapping machine at competitive rates in India as well as overseas.